Car lovers around the world unite! Whether its fast cars, concept cars, expensive cars, sports cars or race cars, they are the fancy of many men and women, young and old all around the world, especially the good old revheads in the land down under! Aussie car lovers live and breathe cars and the best cars that they love to dream, create and race are none other than Australian cars!

Over the years, different kinds of modifications have been created by revheads. Definitely more than a hobby, these costly vehicle makeovers have made this stereotype headline of car magazines and websites all over the world! Here are performance upgrades that you might wish you could afford for your own personal vehicle and may need the best car loan for:

Overpowering audio systems

Revheads are known for their extra-loud sound systems. You can hear and feel these modified cars as they move past in the street. This overpowering audio is from upgraded speaker systems especially bass speakers, expensive car stereos and amplifiers. More often than not, revheads or racers will come together and show off their audio, creating a totally loud sound-trip party!

Huge and loud exhaust tips


What’s with revheads and loud engines? They love to give their engines a hum just before they race off and this is possibly one of the trademarks of almost all Aussie racers. Australian cars like Ford, Holden and Toyota have fine-tuned engines, however street modifications have transformed these cars into works of sound art, with exhaust tips that hum and growl as they rev up.

Spectacular paint jobs and car designs

There is no doubt that revheads can decorate cars better than any garage can! Choose any kind of colour, any type of decal or any kind of car, and you can bet that cars become unrecognizable when a revhead is involved! Feast your eyes with the most colorful decals like anime characters, cartoon characters, movie themes, superheroes and so much more! You can bet that the most colorful and the most spectacularly designed cars are the trendiest (and probably the fastest!).

Powerful alloy wheels

Australian concept cars are without a doubt rich in fancy updates and the most common accessory are alloy wheels. Strong alloy wheels are widely used for racing and drifting and together with the mighty engines of superb Australian cars you have a combination of a fine tuned machine, with the grace and strength of a ballerina, so to speak.

Car suspension modifications

Have you ever seen a car dance? Or how about a car that can trot to the beat of its superb base speakers? May seem a little crazy, but all these are possible with modified suspension systems that give a car flexibility …


Travelling to LondonI went to London because I know that I would get to enjoy the various comedy scenes there. Before going there, I have read up on why it should be the best place to go to experience standup comedy. The scene has started back in the 70s and people have never stopped enjoying it since then. At first, people thought that it was just a trend, something that will pass after some time but it proved to be something that people look for. It is the main reason why I went there and I do not regret it. In fact, I plan on going back again.

I can still remember that time when the shows started. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off from the comedians. I have enjoyed the things that they have said. I remember laughing at almost everything. I think all the days that I was in London, there was not a night that I did not go to the club to see various stand up performers. Admittedly, there were some shows that I liked better than the others but I appreciate the effort of each comedian. I know that they all tried their best to please the audience and I was very pleased with everything! I am just waiting for the right time to go back. I will immerse myself in more comedy once I am there.

Of course, while I was in London, I did not forget to do some of the things that tourists usually do. I visited Buckingham Palace because any trip to London will not be complete without seeing this palace in real life. I was in awe because I never saw anything like that before. While I am not really into fashion, I still enjoyed seeing the window displays of some of the shops there. From what I have seen, people in London are very stylish but it is not as if they were making any conscious effort to look stylish. They innately have style and for a while, I wondered if I would try to incorporate their style when I dress up for my very own comedy routine someday. Another thing I liked about London is the food that can be eaten. It was all new and familiar to my palette and I swear that by eating the crispy fish from one of the stores there, I have managed to think about other things that I can say if I would do my own routine – it was that good.

I guess my time in London was somewhat abrupt. I felt that I did not want to leave when the time came that I would have to go back to New York. This is the reason …

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rat raceComing from NYC, I’m constantly in the rat race, this is why every 2 weeks or so if weather permits I’ll go hiking. There are different forms of free therapy that people take on their own, or in groups. Hiking is one of the most effective ways to improve a person’s body and mind. Wilderness Adventure Therapy (WAT) includes programs that have troubled youths take physical challenges in the wilderness. Venturing out into a beautiful, peaceful environment is the solution that they need to turn their lives around.

Similarly, being outside in nature is known to help people free their mind and feel more optimistic. Learn about the different ways that hiking and walking are activities that will benefit your overall health.

Hiking is Therapeutic

Hiking is therapeutic mainly because it takes place within natural settings. Nature has always been a source of healing and relaxation for humans. From gardens to mountains, men and women have always found places of comfort in these areas. They can see, feel, touch and smell every part of nature from the trees to the flowers. When they surround themselves with this vitality, they feel more enlivened themselves.

Taking long walks is vital in a society that is increasingly obsessed with technology. Staying all day indoors is not healthy for anyone. People’s feelings usually imitate their surroundings. If they stay in small, enclosed places, they feel small and closed off themselves. Nature provides the much-needed freshness and openness that everyone needs to be healthy.

Hiking is Healthy

Hiking outdoors has many positives, such as freedom, sunlight, fresh air and beautiful natural scenery. Most people know that hiking is good for your health. Include hiking in your aerobic exercise routine and you will notice major improvements, such as :-

  • Reduced heart disease risks
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Strengthened bones and muscles
  • Maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Lose weight

Hiking Tips: Poles, Canteens, Good Hiking Shoes and More

For the healthiest results, make sure you prepare for any high-stress routine. It is important that you stretch out the muscles in the arms and legs to avoid stiffness. You must wear good hiking shoes like these before you embark on long-distance walking. Also, there are certain accessories that you are encouraged to take on outdoor adventures. In addition to having good shoes on your feet, many hikers have backpacks, water canteens, bug spray and healthy food. Using poles is recommended as a good way to ease pressure on your leg muscles and move forward on the ground. Being comfortable this way is necessary for anyone who wants to hike successfully.


Take in the Healing and Relaxing Benefits of Hiking in Nature

Being out in nature is an important part of …


A lot of people are already aware of the fact that I am into comedy. I particularly love standup comedy, but what a lot of people do not know, is that I look up to Jerry Seinfeld. The fact that he is also from New York makes me feel like I can almost follow in his footsteps. I know that I cannot be just like him, because no two comedians are alike, but I would love to follow the steps of success that he has taken. I guess I would have to be as good as him or to be even better to achieve the things that he has managed to achieve.

Jeremy SeinfieldSeinfeld is known to be one of the most successful sitcoms shown on television. It ran for nine whole years and you would be correct in guessing if you think I have watched every single episode. If I really had to miss one episode, I used my then VCR to record the show while I was out of the house so that when I get back, I can still see what happened. It is probably because of the show why my love for comedy heightened. I loved everything about it and I also found it extremely funny. Apparently, the rest of the world loved it a lot too, and I guess that’s why it lasted for a long time.

Through the show, I was able to see the ups and downs of being a standup comedian. It is true that most of the time; routines will generate laughter and smiles from the audience. Most of the time, people will like the whole act and appreciate how the right things were said at the right time which as I know is crucial in standup comedy. If a comedian says a funny thing at the wrong time, it is likely that people will not get it or the comedian will fail to get any laughs from the audience.

What I particularly like about the show is the fact that Jerry Seinfeld wrote it himself. One of the things that made the show such a hit is because it defined pop culture as it was at that time. The show was so “current” and people were able to relate to it well. The things that the show portrayed may have been experienced by different people of course, in a less lively manner. It makes me more inspired to write more because it is crucial in the line of work that I would like to do in the future. If I am unable to make up my own jokes, the success that I will get is not the same type of success that I would like to …


One of the people who have inspired me a lot is my grandfather. I can still remember when I was younger and I would visit him at his home. I remember going to his garden and asking him about the different things that he was doing. There were even times when he would let me pick up the weeds that he used to say were taking the nutrients that should be received by the plants. After some time, he would show me that all of his hard work has paid off by showing me the best vegetables that I have ever seen. Even up to now, I have not seen vegetables as fresh looking and as healthy as the ones my grandfather used to grow.

My Grandfather – The GardenerI believe that I have got my green thumb from him and this is the reason why I used to grow my own garden. I did not limit my plants with vegetables though. I made sure that I also get plants from different parts of the globe to symbolize my travels. I remember seeing the plants that I have gotten and remembering the places I have been to. Sadly, when I left for New York, I had to leave the plants as well. I still remember the feeling of getting my hands dirty and seeing all my hard work pay for when I see how well my plants used to grow. Still, even though I do not have my own garden now, it does not mean that I have forgotten some of the tips that can help other people like you grow your own garden as well.

1. Lay Solid Foundation for the Garden – There are some people who feel that growing a garden is very easy. People just need to a few patches of soil, the seeds that they would like to grow and they can let the garden just appear out of nowhere. In order to make a garden look beautiful, it has to be planned carefully. The seeds would have to be lined up perfectly so that the plants are coherent.

2. Be Prepared with Doing Improvements – There will be instances when the patch of soil that you have does not seem to hold water well or the soil is not rich enough to make plants grow. Any problem that you might encounter may always be remedied. Just make sure that you know the problem so that you can find the proper solution.

3. Plant the Seeds and When They Start Growing, Protect Your Young Plants – Young plants are still very vulnerable to outside elements and forces. There might be times when even light rain can make them die. Make sure that you will give …

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When I first heard of the term Paleo Diet, I started seeing unbidden images of cavemen and our hunter-gatherer forefathers in my mind. Well, the concept of paleo diet isn’t too far off. Basically, it encourages the ingestion of that which nature has readily made available to us, namely, meats, nuts, fruits, fish and vegetables. Processed food doesn’t count. Hence you can tick off spaghetti, pasta or lasagne, even bread and rice away from your menu!

IM000966.JPGThis means giving up all the grains from your diet, because these only became common after we became civilized, formed societies, and abandoned hunting and gathering in favour of farming. Grains are comprised of carbohydrates and these contribute to fat formation if not immediately utilized. As our consumption is far more than our day to day needs, this is always the case, unless we rely solely on carbs from natural sources.

What do we get for the sacrifice? Quite simple. Firstly, you can stop obsessing over how many calories of fatty food you’ve had today. You can build your muscles and have a healthier lifestyle, to shed those hard to work off extra pounds on your body. You can be active, and lean, as our forefathers of the Stone Age used to be (No, I haven’t heard this from Dr. Phil). Paleo diet seems to be a win-win situation in every possible way.

So I’m going to give it a go… I’ll keep you posted!…


Call of Duty tips and tricks are a dime a dozen, with videos, guides and blog posts swarming the internet. Few of them are of any use, however. After all, Call of Duty is one of the most successful video game franchises ever made, being famous for its competitive multiplayer, and it’s not easy being on top of the scoreboards.

So here are some Call of Duty tips to help you become king of the battlefield.

call-of-duty1. Keep moving: This is valid advice for any FPS video game, but it’s doubly important in Call of Duty. Keep moving – all the time, no matter what. The less you stay in one position, the harder it is for enemies to surround you, and the more confused they will be as to your next move. This will also help you avoid being killed by the last person you took down, since going to their killer’s last known position is what most players do first after respawning.
2. Stick to the sides: While it might be tempting to go towards the middle of a map, where (apparently) all the action is taking place, doing so will leave you out in the open with little to no cover around you. Stick to the sidelines and pick off other players who go to the center, while placing your back or flank to the edge of the map, limiting your opponent’s chances of getting the drop on you.
3. Manage your reloads: As far as Call of Duty tips come, it doesn’t get much simpler than this: watch your magazine and reload whenever you can. This is one of the most basic mistakes CoD players make – running into a gunfight with 6 bullets in your magazine is a very bad idea. One the other hand, as soon as they realize how fatal this can be, almost everyone starts reloading all the time, even after firing only 2-3 shots. This can be equally devastating, since you easily die in those few seconds while you’re reloading.
Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops4. Pay attention: This is not so much a tip as it is general advice: pay attention to the sound (and use headphones!), look at the minimap as often as possible, look for muzzle flashes and try to discern your opponents play patterns. Being alert and using everything at your disposal is key.

There are plenty of Call of Duty tips you can read and hear, but if you stick to these 4 basic rules, you’ll be a long way on your road towards domination.…